We are all about productivity and efficiency. We believe that your technology should support that endeavor for you as well. And based on the tenets in our Technology 101 article, we know that there are some key programs that you’ll need to have a successful technology experience.

Here’s the list of the top 3 tools for Windows and why:

  1. Google Chrome – FOR WEB BROWSING
    • Syncs with all other chrome accounts – plugins, bookmarks, passwords, history, etc using the same account as GMail (and all your other Google Services, really).
    • The majority of people in the world use it. Just ask the W3 – the worldwide authority on all things internet.
    •  The fastest web browser available. Chrome is built on “Webkit” the underlying technology behind Safari – an Apple web browser, and known to be one of the fastest.
    Evernote Logo
    •  Extremely fast search – I can find what I’m looking for as I type.
    • No limit to data saved, only data used per month (unless you’re a paid member).
    • It’s extremely open – Some of the most reputable sources in the industry say that Evernote can be used for so many things because it’s able to be used in so many ways. What does this mean? It will work for you.
  3. Focus@Will – TO GET STUFF DONE
    • Created by research – proven to help you focus.
    •  You can have multiple windows open at the same time to make “focus scene.”
    • This is the best focusing tool we’ve found – better than just instrumental music alone.